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So it seems our good friend Devin Nunes, recently rendered unable to inhibit House oversight over the Trump administration, has taken to suing satire accounts on Twitter as his new passtime. It also would seem, according to this McClatchy article, that he doesn't understand the Streisand effect. “One of the accounts, known as Devin Nunes’ Cow, saw its followers on Twitter swell from just over a thousand to more than 135,000 in less than a day after the Republican congressman from Tulare announced his lawsuit on Fox News.

Sometimes one just has to laugh.

So one of the nice (IMO) outcomes from the 2018 election is that Colorado has joined the national public vote initiative. If and when a majority of the country's electoral votes opt in, all of those votes will go to the winner of the national public vote for president. We will actually elect our own president, imagine that.

It has been my personal determination for a few years now to never buy an internal-combustion-engine car again. Those machines have served us well in many ways (and not so well in others), but their time is coming to an end, and we'll not miss them. One week ago, we took the plunge.


There is no image hosting within WriteFreely itself; they just say to put up a picture somewhere on the net. Well, I ought to be capable of doing that. So, here's a picture of a sunset taken from the deck of our B&B in Nelson, NZ:

[You missed out]

Should you ever need a place to stay in Nelson, Big Sky Nelson is awfully nice...

So this WriteFreely thing would appear to be working, so now all that's left is the easy part — coming up with something interesting to say.

Um ... uh ... give me a moment, would you?